Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wait. you're asleep. it's time for you to wake up.

My eyes are slowly closing. i keep yawning. and as you probably guessed, i'm totally tired.
to be honest, i have no clue as to why. i mean, i try to sleep at least 7 hours...i try.
well...okay, maybe i could try harder, but it's a good number of hours to sleep for a teenager, don't you think!?

psh! i'm totally awake, awake, awake, awake (notice my motivation...)!

...anyways, sometimes i just babble way too much, i wonder how people can stand listening to me.
so here i am again, a week after my previous post. i really don't want to make this a habit, and i will try not to (for anyone who reads my blogs...whoever you are!)
i'm one week and a half away from revival week (can i get a wooh?)! one day away from seeing my grand-parents (it has been maybe 8 months?), 3 days away from seeing bryce avary (aka. the rocket summer!), and i'm a few hours away from going to sleep (yay!).
it's really interesting and fascinating to see how small events in our lives can lead to the greatest adventures of our lifetime. how one small decision changes a life. how one word can be more powerful than a novel.
and how this blog post will be short, yet say so much.
after watching "GO" by invisible children, i realized how life is to be lived.
it's to be lived without fear. it's to be lived with passion. it's to be lived with a purpose. without limits or barriers. it's to be lived in love. in love with people. in love with justice. in love with Love itself. there is only one true way to live this way, and it's through Christ.
there is no other true passion, than the passion of Christ.
no greater love than the love of Christ.
and no bigger purpose than living full-out for Him.
check out invisible children, what they are doing is simply a-mazing. their mission is to help uganda, restore schools and homes to those affected by the war. please do take part in it somehow.

so, as i end this somewhat short post, i want to remind you that you totally have the power to change the lives around you. you want to lead a campaign? DO IT. you want to raise money for a movement you believe in? DO IT. you want to travel the world and give hope to those in need? DO IT. there is no limit to what God can do through you. all you have to do, is ask for him.
and guess what? he'll be right there, saying "it's ABOUT time!"

yes, God. it's about time we wake up. and DO something for That name we say we love so much. something that will change the world.

- melody.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I miss thee/thou/you.

Whoa!, i never knew missing out on the blog posts would make me feel so...incomplete! haha, it's actually true. if i don't write a blog post in more than a week, i don't feel myself. i feel something is missing. so, here i am once again. like the good ol' days of summer.
however, the air is different. the colors are changing. the routines have de-routed.

all in all, fall is slowly making its way to the world.
it's always a beautiful thing; seasons that is. just the idea that God created a cycle that would make our lives a bit different every four months. it reminds me how God really doesn't like routines. i mean, if he did, he would have made the entire earth "boring" if i may say. same colors, same weather, same adventures all through the years, and all over the world.
i guess God had a different plan for us. an "exciting" one.
he knows that we need changes, sometimes. especially in our sceneries. that's why he created such amazing and breath taking cities and places to go visit.
and seasons also remind me the beauty of life. how it works. and how it doesn't. how it lives. and how it dies. how the rotten fades away, and how the new takes birth.
so, as you see nature transform, remember that God is in control of it all, and if he is in total control of the birds and the sky and the trees and the leaves, there is no way that he is NOT in control of your life.

this is a continous cycle. autumn is right around the corner, winter is to follow. but it doesn't end there. spring, new life, new beginnings ALWAYS finds its way...

well, i should get back to shakespeare. juliet is calling me. i better get to it, before this monologue slowly hides away from my memory. (oh, how i wish shakespeare had found his way to pens, then we wouldn't have had to study such complicated language...of course, very few will understand what i mean..)

- melody.
ps. wake up, you're alive. i'm on your side. and by your side.
pray for REVIVAL '08, i am praying God will revive john fraser...spiritually.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

God will lift up your head.

God, i need you. i need you so bad. i need you right now. i need you in the next minutes to come. i need you in the following hours. i need you here, in my life.
and how incredible are you. you are here. with me, inside of me, and everywhere that i am. every second of life. you are here. with me. you. the almighty God. creator of the universe. saviour of the world. with. me. a human being worth nothing. still, you choose to be you chose me.'re just so beautiful. everything about you is not only made of love, but your self is love. pure love. and this is why, God, i say 'i love you more than i can say.'
but these words won't be enough. no matter how hard i try, i will never be able to express the amount of love i have for you. Dad, i don't have a fancy prayer for you, but this is all i have to give. it's me. it's my heart. i give you my heart. and i want you to open it up, and see what's inside. right now, all i want to do is cry out to you. share with you the inside of my mind, my thoughts, my heart and how it aches, my tears. but you know all that. you know my pains. you know my fears, my joys, my dreams and passions. you created them in me. so that one day, i could take all of that 'stuff' and give it up to you. that's when you'd change me and show me your way. and that's when my life would be completely yours. everything you'd tell me, you'd promise me, i would trust you. no matter how hard or painful it may be. i'd do it with all my heart.

and that one day is today.
i want to give my fears up to you. the fears of not being loved, the fear of failing, the fear of loneliness. it's all being thrown to you, Lord. and i hope you are pleased. i really hope this makes you smile, Dad. because my heart is giving it all up to you with joy. i'm trading my sorrows, and saying 'Yes, Lord.'
i want to give you my hopes and dreams. the plans i made for my future. they were never mine, so take them, as well. they belong to you. and man will they be a million times better with you leading! every worry i have for the end of 12th grade, take that! make it yours, God, and lead me with your hopes and dreams for my life. lead me.

and i want to give you my heart. in its current form. with my love for those around me and my pains wrapped around it. inside are my wounds. those wounds i try to keep secret. you'll also find crushes, that i gave up a long time ago. and the one love i have today for the one you've shown me. along with it, is my trust. my trust in you. inside my heart, are the ropes i use to hold on to you. and i want you to take them, as well.
i don't want to hold on to ropes anymore. i want to hold on to your hand.
i want your hand, dad.

this is an important time for me. and my friends. a time when the ground will shake. a time when eyes will open wide. a time when the demons of hell will hear voices, but won't understand them. a time when the chihuahua will be done chasing the lion. a time for the lion to be bold and gain victory. a time when the army of Jesus will rise up and fight against the power of darkness. a time when the light will come out.
this is the time. and we have to be ready.
but am i ready for this? am i ready to give it all up to be with you eternally, to see redemption stand up higher and higher, to heal the sick and broken?

only you know, dad.
it's happening in my life. so, i take this as the sign that i am slowly ready.

and everything else on my mind, Lord, ease it, comfort me, bring peace to my heart and mind, and remind me that everything will be okay.
even the promises i am waiting for you to accomplish in my life. i will wait. i will wait. and i will wait even longer. because i know that your plan for my life (and yours!) is perfect. even its timing.
please, dad, keep reminding me that you are in control, so that i don't lose hope.
hold my hand tight.
hold it tight.


for eternity.
in your son's name, amen.

- melody.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

I wanna see miracles to see the world change.

I want to start this blog with tears. i want to make this blog a shout-out. a cry.
actually, a wake-up call. darn, guys! the emotions that i am feeling this very second cannot be put into words; they're too intense to speak of. they are emotions that want to turn into actions. they are screams, cries, turbulances, storms of desires. the desires for changes. for revolutions. for revivals.

school has started. i have three classes: yearbook, drama, and visual arts.
i have my best friends by my side, new faces to get to know better, and a new routine to get used to.

school. school. school. and school. to some of us, our second home. to others, the only decent home. and to most, not so exciting.

i'm at this point where whatever i type, i find myself erasing it all. so, why not just say what's on my mind?

DO SOMETHING. go out there, and CHANGE YOUR SCHOOL. make a difference!
yes, pay attention to your studies, do your best.
but never again will you be surrounded by as many youth as you are in your school, ever in your life. SO TAKE THAT CHANCE. pay more attention to the people around you. the way they dress. the way they walk. the way their eyes scream out 'HELP!' the conversations.
oh! how empty they are. don't outcast yourself from them. TAKE OVER. with words of love and hope. words that matter.

make your school your mission field.
make that decision right now.
or you will never get to it.

you want purpose in your life?
START WITH RIGHT NOW. right now, you are breathing. you are alive.
so, don't waste that away.
don't worry about your life! God's got it all. allllllllllllllll under control!

he's got it all under control!
and use your time to SHINE. to LOVE. to CHANGE.
it's never too late.
nor is it too early.
it's the perfect time.
people are suffering.
you can't ignore it.
so, i say...
do something.
make a difference.
change your school.

be brave. stand up for what is RIGHT.
look Pain in the eyes, and tell him to go home!
face Fear, and scare him away!
confront Lies, and scream him the truth!
don't be afraid!
don't fear!
do not be afraid!

for God is on your side, all the way.

and man, how cool is that!?

i challenge you.
as Jesus challenges me everyday.

as he challenged his disciples. and his followers.
go! go and make disciples!

make this year GOD'S YEAR.
allow him to take over you. and watch how he will use you to take over the rest of the world.
NOW that's exciting, don't you think?

as i said to my sister earlier, life is exciting and when it's not, it's cause we're not living for God.

make your revolution.
be prepared for a near revival.

- melody.

update!: BE READY FOR: revival week '08 at john fraser secondary school!
new project: project redemption! at jfss.

GOT A STORY TO TELL. recoveries? hopes? dreams? share it here!
send it to me : )