Wednesday, August 20, 2008

See you all in a week!

It's been a week. but here i am! i haven't forgotten about you,
i've just been here and there observing the world from afar.

i'm going to be honest, my mind these days seems to be blanker than ever.
i've been sleeping way too much, and doing way too little.

there is one thing though that i do want to say (or maybe a few things...) :
first off, let me congratulate emily young for her successful sixteen (16) years of life.
here's to sixteen and beyond more. je t'aime, emilie!

secondly, amy is a fighter; she's singing her song of victory.
she knows what loneliness means. she lives it every day.
but hold tight, love, God's with you and always will be. never fear, he's carrying you.

and thirdly, worrying is easy. but God reminds me every day (no matter how many times i need him to) that he is with me, and i have NOTHING to worry about. nothing. nothing. nothing to worry about. nothing.
absolutely nothing.

...yet, again, You remind me.

so, the video-making is in process. thank you, again, to everyone who is taking part in this video and in this movement! it's means so much, and you are making a difference one step at a time. believe it, it's happening.

the campaign will explode! we are praying it will touch lives, change lives, and be the beginning of a youth movement.
God, take it all.

alright, well i am off to go pack for the week vacation in virginia under the sun. i am looking forward to see a new scenery for a bit and enjoy the ocean. but i will miss you all! i love you all, really. really.
i will all see you guys when i get back, friday, august 29th.
much love,
- melody.

ps. i heard this line in 'can you feel it' by David Crowder* Band, and liked it a lot, actually.
"Life makes it so hard sometimes to know what's real."
ponder on that for a bit, and comment back your thoughts. :)

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