Saturday, August 9, 2008

Let's be real.

I'm back from kingdom bound! i'm sure you are glad i am back. (ha-ha-ha)
for the second time, this experience of worshipping a graceful and loving God with thousands of people was just amazing. it really makes you feel like you are not the only crazy, different person on this earth. there are many many others who are trying to shine a light in this dark world, so it is a true comfort to realize this once more.

the bands were wonderful, and music is truly beautiful. it really takes you into a different place; a place of peace and of dreams and of wonders and of higher hope and of everything else this world cannot offer. Thank you Father for music! i mean, honestly, God speaks through music, words, and sound. and it is so worth the listen.
i had the chance to open myself up to new artists (turn off the stars, newworldson, this beautiful republic) and embrace the ones i did know (leeland, newsboys, hawk nelson, delirious? are just a few to name).

worship is so important, i find. Jesus says the most important command we should keep is to love God with all our heart, mind, and soul, and worship is just one powerful way to love him.
it's even deeper than love. it's about saying thank you for everything He's doing, everything He's done, for the breath of life, for love, for hope, and for being able to call Him "friend". it's about the freedom we have to worship in whatever way we feel; cry, sing as loud as we want, dance, raise our hands to the sky, sit, listen, and meditate, or just close our eyes and allow God to move through the music.

it's that one chance out of our busy lives to thank Him, to show how much we are appreciative of Him, how much He means to us, and how much we need Him; it's about how much we love Him.
and it is a time to be real. a time to give God our broken hearts and surrender everything to Him. it is your chance to throw everything away and start fresh. a chance to stand in front of God and say, "i'm broken. i am lost. and i need you. please, save me!"

it is your time to be honest. and allow God to see through you. let Him in.
He will heal you.
he will.

well, 4 days of great music, community, and most of all, a filling of Godness pretty much sums up the festival. it will be seeing me next year for the third time! and perhaps you as well ;)
oh, and yesterday, we started shooting the first few people for the intro video and i thank you all for taking part in it! more will be filmed soon, and then the editing will begin!

alright, well i must go for now, i have youth group tonight, and i pray that it will be a good one!
God, move through.
He surely loves you.

- melody :)

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