Thursday, July 17, 2008

what She said.

Ah...the beauty of today (and last night). at least i cannot say that summer's drifting away too fast. trying to make the best of each day is a goal i plan to achieve.
so, last night was a time of good times, good laughs, and 29 cents chicken wings.
can't get better than that! i was surrounded by gaby, emily (it had been too long), amanda, meg, jaxson, and joanna.
they're pretty much like, some of the best people on this planet. or even more.

we had interesting conversations in the restaurant; brokeback mountain, marriage, "opposites attract" being a myth...just typical conversations i guess.

the rest of the night was good too. joanna and i always have in-depth conversations about everything on our minds and hearts. it was good to just talk freely about everything and anything my heart felt like sharing. Revival. Music. Life. Visions. ...Life, again. she's awesome for that. (God...just keep blessing her, she honestly is doing everything for You.)

i came home, just filled with the desire to be with God.
i read a few chapters from the best book ever written. john chapters 15-17.
"Remain in me, and i will remain in you." (john 15:4)

...and so i will remain.

the next day arrives (wednesday), and this is a good day, too.
i bought new shorts! HA!, that's just one of those achievments for me...i'm very proud of that.
but that is not the very reason which made this day a successful one.

it is the fact that renee's book is available for pre-order on thursday.
it is the fact that i had the chance to take part in a q&a with renee, and asked her a few questions.
it is the fact that...well...God is good. :)
"Purpose for the Pain" by Renee Yohe.

it will be a must read. for sure.
her story inspires me so much. and this book will be her personal journals from her years in addiction through her recovery years.
it will be intense. and i'm quite very excited!
so, here was my question and her response...

Q: "renee, first of all, i just wanna say you are truly amazing, and an inspiration.
so, my question is: what do you see yourself doing in the near future, will you continue writing?or will this be the only book? thanks so much!"

A: "well, i have many plans for the future. i dream of infiltrating every aspect of the media with the message of hope and new life!! muahahha!!...seriously. another book may be in the future, but for now my focus is getting this one out there and persuing some speaking gigs. stay tuned!"

i'm all for what She said.
taking over the, kinda my dream too.
it will will.
redemption will conquer. redemption will win. redemption has already overcome the world.

"In this world you will have trouble. but take heart! i have overcome the world." (john 16:33)

i found today to be pretty super, i enjoy little events like q&a's with an inspirational figure...they make my days.

- melody :)

ps. coming up!

WARPED TOUR '08 & volunteering at twloha booth!
the rocket summer's fall tour dates! (toronto!? i hope so!)

the shooting of the first campaign video!
stay tuned. :)

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