Thursday, July 10, 2008

welcome to the world of blogs.

Notes on facebook? nah, that's old-school. i've now upgraded to the Blog World, and it's just as great...even better. so, this will be my place, my home, and my stage. here, i will write, express, and share the many stories, thoughts, and shananabees my mind can come up with.

i'm definitely excited to start this! and hopefully, out of this will grow something. it's summer and a chance to write as much as i can.

so, i will.

what i also want to do with this blog is allow you to take a part in it. i want this to be a place for me, but for you as well. this is your story as much as it is mine. this is my redemption story; my life. but i want it to be yours, as well. that is why i have decided to make this a home for your stories. if you have a life story to share with the world, or just one person, send it to me (by e-mail) and i will post them here. stories of hope, of pain, of failures, of successes, of dreams, or fears, of love, or joy. Your story matters.
you're alive today, because today you woke up breathing, still.

summer's here. and so far, life is good. Still... but good. at times, i feel alone...maybe because the people i love the most seem just too far away. but, love has no distance. every single person i miss are far, but close. because love allows them to be. so, if you ever feel alone...just remember that love is what keeps you company. there is someone out there who loves you, and whether they are next door or an ocean away, their love for you brings them right into your heart. and your heart is right inside you.

anyways, today is thursday. gaby and amanda are just in the basement entertaining themselves with movies and i'll probably join them later. tonight, i am hoping to see joanna and share a few stories with her. and that's pretty much the plan for the day.

for a first post, i think it's pretty alright.

- melody, :)

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