Monday, July 14, 2008

She will be Okay.

Last night, for me, was quite the night of emotions. i was talking to a very good friend of mine, and our conversation reminded me that pain is obviously real. she asked me what i could advise her in saying to someone who was struggling. struggling with pain.

i told her to remind her there is hope in her troubles, to let her know she is not alone, and to tell her she is loved.

she replied by saying that words may not lead to much, and that her pain was real; she could feel it and touch it.

at that moment, i was speechless. i had no words...
and sometimes, silence is just enough.

i told her that at times, you just need to be reminded that hope is real and that she is loved. even though they are just words.

like these. these are just words,
yet they somehow move, and become alive.

...she replied to me a few minutes later, words that moved me...words that meant so much, but were just so simple.
she said that this friend didn't put her trust in people, but in God.
"she'll be okay, as long as she remembers god."

...i smiled.
...i teared.
those were beautiful words.
words that touched me; that moved me.
all i could say was ''re just amazing.'

she will be okay.
i know it, and so does He.

well, it is now 12:53 am, and i'm quite tired.
the day looks promising:
a few hours in the park with beautiful maham, and a girl's night out with emily, the sister, amanda, and joanna. (we're out to go eat wings...oh so girly, don't you think?...haha.)

well, goodnight for now.
remember, that you are loved.

- melody :)

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