Monday, July 28, 2008

Let's talk, shall we?

It is currently 5:21 pm, i am listening to "Rainy Monday" by Shiny Toy Guns, and ironically today happens to be monday. the sun is shining, though. and i am here typing letters on a blank canvas. basically, i have been doing that for the entire afternoon.
talk about productive!

however, yesterday was a better day. it involved church, friends, starbucks, and honest conversations.
...oh the beauty of conversations!
words are really beautiful, ... i mean really.

yes, they can be filthy at times and completely hurtful other times, but when we use our mouths and our voices to create sounds which then evolve to letters, leading to words and sentences and stories and conversations, we find them to be a gift.
language is a gift. the ability to communicate, to express, to make sense; they each came along with the package.

and here i am. writing words. it seems to me like a big bunch of bla-bla. i don't know, maybe i feel that way because they're my own words and they're the same words that keep crossing my mind, so i guess i can call myself a broken record that keeps repeating itself.

or maybe i'm just someone with a lot of stuff going on inside of her, a lot of stuff she wants to share with the world, and that stuff just happens to be words.
so bare with me, and i promise i will make sense soon :)

so back to sunday. i had a very intense and honest and deep and word-full conversation with jaxson, with by my side an Iced Latte Caffe.

i learned so much more about him, and i am glad we talked.
i look up to him, for his honesty and his bravery. he is one amazing guy.

we learn a lot through words and conversations. they are important.
i believe in the power of honesty. i believe in conversations. in talks that mean something.
God created us with a mouth. it is a part of us so we can speak, communicate, encourage.
let us use our mouths not as weapons, but as tools to change the world.

yes, i believe conversations can change a person, which could greatly lead to a world-wide transformation.

Jesus had conversations. his words have led us here today. free and saved and loved.

maybe, tonight you are reading this, hurt by the words of a friend, enraged by the insults of a father or mother, or maybe you have bottled in something you can no longer keep inside...
well, perhaps tonight marks the night you will finally decide to have that honest conversation you've been waiting so long to have.
it's okay, we are all afraid of the unknown; we can't predict the future.
but one thing i know, is that your words matter. your words are important.
so, take care of them. turn your words into beautiful wonders, if they are not already, and wait to see what those words will lead you to.
beauty, indeed.

honest conversations, it's time to have more of those.

i will write more words soon, but that is all for today.

- melody. :)

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Anonymous said...

so, basically, your words are pretty amazing.