Friday, July 11, 2008

"let my Lifesong sing to You."

Waking up today was no different than yesterday, or the day before that. however, it was a new day. a new chance to make something of the breath that was given to me today.

Today, is long gone.

it's now saturday (well...12:29 am) and once again, a new day.
but my thoughts are still wondering on the past; friday that is. that was an interesting day, actually. the rain and thunderstorms had woken me up at 4:40 am, causing me to question what was happening all of a sudden with the weather. kind of got me scared for a few seconds, just a few though. but there's something about thunderstorms. they're calming in a way, like God is kind of reminding us on earth that he's still in control...he's still up there watching over us. i guess that's why i sense such a power in the storms, like i'm never alone.
i fall back asleep.
raindrops on the window glass, and i wake up once again. it's just about 10 am.
gaby and i are to meet with spencer today around 1 pm to start a band.
i guess it's once you meet in a basement with professional recording equipment and decide on a name that you officially become a band. perhaps...
so, we end up arriving at his house at 2:30. i blame the laziness.

we decided on a name (part of the unofficial way to become an official band).
hello mcfly
gaby came up with the name; i came up with the story behind it.
it consists of a certain george mcfly, back to the future, a loser in the past but a winner later in the years, and a hello.

as soon as we have a myspace up, check us out! we're currently working on our first cover: "So Much Love" by The Rocket Summer. (ummm so i pretty much love Bryce Avary)
that'll be interesting.

what took place after the music adventures might not be something so great to write about, but i think it deserves at least a thought (or two).
my brother was part of the play "Lifesong" at my church, and the children had been working for over a month trying to get it right.
the presentation tonight, and the play-musical was based on some songs, especially "Lifesong" by Casting Crowns.
that song speaks to me a lot.
it's about life. and the song it sings. the song we sing.
our every move is a part of this song...the song that each of us are to sing.
it is our own, and no one else can ever take it away from us.
the lyrics, only you can write them.
they are your choices, the paths you follow, and the actions you take.
you have the choice to write love, hope, honesty...
or words of the world.
i only see the world to be bringing schemes, lies, and pride.
...but your song can only be yours. and your lyrics are to be your own.
you only have one life. one eternal life.
what you make of it, how you live it, who you chose to love is all a part of you.
i want to be alive in this song; in my song.
i want to sing about love, about hope, about redemption. i want to sing about my God, who saved me from death. who loved me, and who still loves me as i write tonight...even if i let him down.
i want that to be my life, or more of my lifesong.'s now 1:57 am. and...i am slowly shutting my eyes to the rest.
but before i do, let me just say: don't forget God.
he's listening. to your song. to your words. to your lyrics.
make them the most beautiful melodies he'll ever hear...

it's late. i'm off to bed.
- melody :)

ps. "Lifesong" was in my dream a few months ago, and i clearly remember it. i was dancing with other people in the sky i believe, singing to "Lifesong".
i still don't know what it symbolizes, but maybe someday i'll find out.
pretty hilarious, yet intense stuff.

pss. from the tiredness, i forgot to mention the children's play was wonderful to watch. God spoke to me through their innocence.
he loves children.
and wants us to be just like them at heart.

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