Monday, July 28, 2008

Let's talk, shall we?

It is currently 5:21 pm, i am listening to "Rainy Monday" by Shiny Toy Guns, and ironically today happens to be monday. the sun is shining, though. and i am here typing letters on a blank canvas. basically, i have been doing that for the entire afternoon.
talk about productive!

however, yesterday was a better day. it involved church, friends, starbucks, and honest conversations.
...oh the beauty of conversations!
words are really beautiful, ... i mean really.

yes, they can be filthy at times and completely hurtful other times, but when we use our mouths and our voices to create sounds which then evolve to letters, leading to words and sentences and stories and conversations, we find them to be a gift.
language is a gift. the ability to communicate, to express, to make sense; they each came along with the package.

and here i am. writing words. it seems to me like a big bunch of bla-bla. i don't know, maybe i feel that way because they're my own words and they're the same words that keep crossing my mind, so i guess i can call myself a broken record that keeps repeating itself.

or maybe i'm just someone with a lot of stuff going on inside of her, a lot of stuff she wants to share with the world, and that stuff just happens to be words.
so bare with me, and i promise i will make sense soon :)

so back to sunday. i had a very intense and honest and deep and word-full conversation with jaxson, with by my side an Iced Latte Caffe.

i learned so much more about him, and i am glad we talked.
i look up to him, for his honesty and his bravery. he is one amazing guy.

we learn a lot through words and conversations. they are important.
i believe in the power of honesty. i believe in conversations. in talks that mean something.
God created us with a mouth. it is a part of us so we can speak, communicate, encourage.
let us use our mouths not as weapons, but as tools to change the world.

yes, i believe conversations can change a person, which could greatly lead to a world-wide transformation.

Jesus had conversations. his words have led us here today. free and saved and loved.

maybe, tonight you are reading this, hurt by the words of a friend, enraged by the insults of a father or mother, or maybe you have bottled in something you can no longer keep inside...
well, perhaps tonight marks the night you will finally decide to have that honest conversation you've been waiting so long to have.
it's okay, we are all afraid of the unknown; we can't predict the future.
but one thing i know, is that your words matter. your words are important.
so, take care of them. turn your words into beautiful wonders, if they are not already, and wait to see what those words will lead you to.
beauty, indeed.

honest conversations, it's time to have more of those.

i will write more words soon, but that is all for today.

- melody. :)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

"God knows how to make you smile, you just have to be on the lookout."

The clouds have been open now for a few days, giving away free water to us, Toronto-ians.
also known as rain.
it's been going on for a while now, and i must say, i'm not in love with it anymore. rain is beautiful, but when you wake up each morning to the sound of water, it becomes quite frustrating. but i guess that's what you get when you complain to God that it's too hot or the earth needs more water.

anyways, it's now thursday and i am hoping to join joanna's bible study later tonight...they always seem to be full of surprises (interesting ones, that is).

yesterday was bittersweet.
i was woken up by my mother attempting to unclog the sink in the bathroom. i then went downstairs to find my sister. she told me news about the family back home in switzerland. news that shook me. like a captain on a ship, awaken by sudden crashing waves. boat has been shaken, the waves are starting to hit...and it's time for me to stand strong.
that kind of goes for anyone. when you are living easy and all of a sudden the quiet sky starts to shake up and the storms begin, stand strong.

and when you fall down, it's okay...because there are people around you who will pick you back up. and carry you along the path of what we call "Life".

but then on the other hand of drama, there lied hope. i hung out with a few wonderful people (joanna, amanda, spencer, jaxson, and a few others) and we witnessed a few small miracles, which made the day brighter. there's something about simplicity...

just staring out into the sky reminds you there is something or someone greater out there. we were by the lake, and there was such a beautiful view...

God knows how to make you smile. you just have to be on the lookout.

well, i better get ready for tonight's bible i will write later.
remember, your day can only become brighter if you allow the sunshine to come out...

- melody. :)
ps. soon to come! first redemption story! ahhhh. i'm excited, are you?

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Life is way fascinating, even when it rains.

Day after yesterday. Yesterday equalled a quite amazing day. like, seriously.


yeah, that pretty much defines the day.

4 hours straight selling shirts and hoodies and wristbands and dogtags.

by To Write Love On Her Arms, that is. (

God decided to surprise us with a rainstorm, which lasted an hour and half.

holding on to the tent so it wouldn't get blown away and packing early is what we ended up doing. through the experience, i must say that i met some fabulous people; heather, leah, michael, and jonathan.

it was really, really, really awesome, all in all.
sorry to all my buds who asked for a shirt, and did not get one. i am terribly sorry.
i hope that the tent will come back, and we will make it the best, and i will get you shirts, i promise :)

and whatever God has in store for my life, it will be the best.
and if there is one person who knows why saturday happened the way it did (or why any other day happens the way it does), it's gotta be God.
and he knows exactly what will happen in the future; what doors will open and which ones will close. so, i trust him. i trust him with all my heart. with my future. with my life.

"Why should i worry, why do i freak out? God knows what i need, he knows what i need."
- Your Love Is Strong, Jon Foreman. (best song ever written in the history of time.)

...and he sure does! he knows me like no one else does. so i will let him take care of me :)

so, yeah...warped tour oh eight really was great! i think it will be seeing more of me next year ;)

hope you all spent a lovely saturday.
much love.

- melody :)

ps. check out jonathan spark on myspace, his music is wonderful, i love it.

pps. bryce avary is back in canada september 27! anyone else super stoked!?
ppps. still to come; - the shooting of the 1st campaign video and kingdom bound '08

last pppps ( i promise). thanks michael for the hoodie! :) i love it, too.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

what She said.

Ah...the beauty of today (and last night). at least i cannot say that summer's drifting away too fast. trying to make the best of each day is a goal i plan to achieve.
so, last night was a time of good times, good laughs, and 29 cents chicken wings.
can't get better than that! i was surrounded by gaby, emily (it had been too long), amanda, meg, jaxson, and joanna.
they're pretty much like, some of the best people on this planet. or even more.

we had interesting conversations in the restaurant; brokeback mountain, marriage, "opposites attract" being a myth...just typical conversations i guess.

the rest of the night was good too. joanna and i always have in-depth conversations about everything on our minds and hearts. it was good to just talk freely about everything and anything my heart felt like sharing. Revival. Music. Life. Visions. ...Life, again. she's awesome for that. (God...just keep blessing her, she honestly is doing everything for You.)

i came home, just filled with the desire to be with God.
i read a few chapters from the best book ever written. john chapters 15-17.
"Remain in me, and i will remain in you." (john 15:4)

...and so i will remain.

the next day arrives (wednesday), and this is a good day, too.
i bought new shorts! HA!, that's just one of those achievments for me...i'm very proud of that.
but that is not the very reason which made this day a successful one.

it is the fact that renee's book is available for pre-order on thursday.
it is the fact that i had the chance to take part in a q&a with renee, and asked her a few questions.
it is the fact that...well...God is good. :)
"Purpose for the Pain" by Renee Yohe.

it will be a must read. for sure.
her story inspires me so much. and this book will be her personal journals from her years in addiction through her recovery years.
it will be intense. and i'm quite very excited!
so, here was my question and her response...

Q: "renee, first of all, i just wanna say you are truly amazing, and an inspiration.
so, my question is: what do you see yourself doing in the near future, will you continue writing?or will this be the only book? thanks so much!"

A: "well, i have many plans for the future. i dream of infiltrating every aspect of the media with the message of hope and new life!! muahahha!!...seriously. another book may be in the future, but for now my focus is getting this one out there and persuing some speaking gigs. stay tuned!"

i'm all for what She said.
taking over the, kinda my dream too.
it will will.
redemption will conquer. redemption will win. redemption has already overcome the world.

"In this world you will have trouble. but take heart! i have overcome the world." (john 16:33)

i found today to be pretty super, i enjoy little events like q&a's with an inspirational figure...they make my days.

- melody :)

ps. coming up!

WARPED TOUR '08 & volunteering at twloha booth!
the rocket summer's fall tour dates! (toronto!? i hope so!)

the shooting of the first campaign video!
stay tuned. :)

Monday, July 14, 2008

She will be Okay.

Last night, for me, was quite the night of emotions. i was talking to a very good friend of mine, and our conversation reminded me that pain is obviously real. she asked me what i could advise her in saying to someone who was struggling. struggling with pain.

i told her to remind her there is hope in her troubles, to let her know she is not alone, and to tell her she is loved.

she replied by saying that words may not lead to much, and that her pain was real; she could feel it and touch it.

at that moment, i was speechless. i had no words...
and sometimes, silence is just enough.

i told her that at times, you just need to be reminded that hope is real and that she is loved. even though they are just words.

like these. these are just words,
yet they somehow move, and become alive.

...she replied to me a few minutes later, words that moved me...words that meant so much, but were just so simple.
she said that this friend didn't put her trust in people, but in God.
"she'll be okay, as long as she remembers god."

...i smiled.
...i teared.
those were beautiful words.
words that touched me; that moved me.
all i could say was ''re just amazing.'

she will be okay.
i know it, and so does He.

well, it is now 12:53 am, and i'm quite tired.
the day looks promising:
a few hours in the park with beautiful maham, and a girl's night out with emily, the sister, amanda, and joanna. (we're out to go eat wings...oh so girly, don't you think?...haha.)

well, goodnight for now.
remember, that you are loved.

- melody :)

Friday, July 11, 2008

"let my Lifesong sing to You."

Waking up today was no different than yesterday, or the day before that. however, it was a new day. a new chance to make something of the breath that was given to me today.

Today, is long gone.

it's now saturday (well...12:29 am) and once again, a new day.
but my thoughts are still wondering on the past; friday that is. that was an interesting day, actually. the rain and thunderstorms had woken me up at 4:40 am, causing me to question what was happening all of a sudden with the weather. kind of got me scared for a few seconds, just a few though. but there's something about thunderstorms. they're calming in a way, like God is kind of reminding us on earth that he's still in control...he's still up there watching over us. i guess that's why i sense such a power in the storms, like i'm never alone.
i fall back asleep.
raindrops on the window glass, and i wake up once again. it's just about 10 am.
gaby and i are to meet with spencer today around 1 pm to start a band.
i guess it's once you meet in a basement with professional recording equipment and decide on a name that you officially become a band. perhaps...
so, we end up arriving at his house at 2:30. i blame the laziness.

we decided on a name (part of the unofficial way to become an official band).
hello mcfly
gaby came up with the name; i came up with the story behind it.
it consists of a certain george mcfly, back to the future, a loser in the past but a winner later in the years, and a hello.

as soon as we have a myspace up, check us out! we're currently working on our first cover: "So Much Love" by The Rocket Summer. (ummm so i pretty much love Bryce Avary)
that'll be interesting.

what took place after the music adventures might not be something so great to write about, but i think it deserves at least a thought (or two).
my brother was part of the play "Lifesong" at my church, and the children had been working for over a month trying to get it right.
the presentation tonight, and the play-musical was based on some songs, especially "Lifesong" by Casting Crowns.
that song speaks to me a lot.
it's about life. and the song it sings. the song we sing.
our every move is a part of this song...the song that each of us are to sing.
it is our own, and no one else can ever take it away from us.
the lyrics, only you can write them.
they are your choices, the paths you follow, and the actions you take.
you have the choice to write love, hope, honesty...
or words of the world.
i only see the world to be bringing schemes, lies, and pride.
...but your song can only be yours. and your lyrics are to be your own.
you only have one life. one eternal life.
what you make of it, how you live it, who you chose to love is all a part of you.
i want to be alive in this song; in my song.
i want to sing about love, about hope, about redemption. i want to sing about my God, who saved me from death. who loved me, and who still loves me as i write tonight...even if i let him down.
i want that to be my life, or more of my lifesong.'s now 1:57 am. and...i am slowly shutting my eyes to the rest.
but before i do, let me just say: don't forget God.
he's listening. to your song. to your words. to your lyrics.
make them the most beautiful melodies he'll ever hear...

it's late. i'm off to bed.
- melody :)

ps. "Lifesong" was in my dream a few months ago, and i clearly remember it. i was dancing with other people in the sky i believe, singing to "Lifesong".
i still don't know what it symbolizes, but maybe someday i'll find out.
pretty hilarious, yet intense stuff.

pss. from the tiredness, i forgot to mention the children's play was wonderful to watch. God spoke to me through their innocence.
he loves children.
and wants us to be just like them at heart.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

welcome to the world of blogs.

Notes on facebook? nah, that's old-school. i've now upgraded to the Blog World, and it's just as great...even better. so, this will be my place, my home, and my stage. here, i will write, express, and share the many stories, thoughts, and shananabees my mind can come up with.

i'm definitely excited to start this! and hopefully, out of this will grow something. it's summer and a chance to write as much as i can.

so, i will.

what i also want to do with this blog is allow you to take a part in it. i want this to be a place for me, but for you as well. this is your story as much as it is mine. this is my redemption story; my life. but i want it to be yours, as well. that is why i have decided to make this a home for your stories. if you have a life story to share with the world, or just one person, send it to me (by e-mail) and i will post them here. stories of hope, of pain, of failures, of successes, of dreams, or fears, of love, or joy. Your story matters.
you're alive today, because today you woke up breathing, still.

summer's here. and so far, life is good. Still... but good. at times, i feel alone...maybe because the people i love the most seem just too far away. but, love has no distance. every single person i miss are far, but close. because love allows them to be. so, if you ever feel alone...just remember that love is what keeps you company. there is someone out there who loves you, and whether they are next door or an ocean away, their love for you brings them right into your heart. and your heart is right inside you.

anyways, today is thursday. gaby and amanda are just in the basement entertaining themselves with movies and i'll probably join them later. tonight, i am hoping to see joanna and share a few stories with her. and that's pretty much the plan for the day.

for a first post, i think it's pretty alright.

- melody, :)